Fixteri is an intelligent solution for treating and using forests sustainably and productively. Unique technology bundles the small trees during thinning and is used together with regeneration felling. The efficiency of the Fixteri bundler which is used as an attachment to forestry machinery has been verified as superior in the harvesting of small diameter trees.

Fixteri is a cost-effective way to benefit from small trees.

Fixteri collects and bundles effectively in first thinning and regeneration felling, including plantations. Fixteri increases wood supply and significantly reduces both logistical and chipping costs.

In a young untreated forest, the trees do not grow properly and wood will be left unused, unless it is offered to industry in an intelligently packed manner. Thinning for a growing forest supports the forest industry’s targets and forestry becomes more profitable than ever before. At the same time, Fixteri creates an infrastructure for the diversified use of the forest and carbon neutrality for society.

Fixteri offers a leap in productivity for forestry management.


Intelligent harvesting technology turns the site preparation costs into profits. Thanks to Fixteri, the tree crowns can be bundled together simultaneously with CTL harvesting, leaving the ground ready for replanting. Separate cleaning of the plantation is no more required when the harvesting has been completed.

Increase yield sustainably with Fixteri.

Bundling of the small diameter stem wood or tree crowns increases the yield of harvested wood from 10% up to 200% per hectare, depending on the forest type. Needles and leaves are left on the ground to ensure the nutritional level of the soil.

Fixteri helps to prevent forest fires.

The untreated forest is exposed to forest fires, especially in the dry climate of southern Europe. Thinning with Fixteri is an effective solution for reducing fire risks in combustible forestry areas. Fixteri can help reduce tragedies and increase job opportunities.

In full working operation

See how Fixteri bundles and weighs the small trees ready for energy production.

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